Research Task

Enabling efficient production of valuable compounds by filamentous fungi via metabolic modification
Improvement of culture condition of filamentous fungi for mass production and secretion of valuable compounds
Development of efficient breeding technique of filamentous fungi
Research Keywords
Filamentous fungi, Production of valuable compounds, Molecular breeding, Metabolic modification, Improvement of culture condition, Lipids, Secondary metabolites, Enzymes
Application Fields
Biofunctional applications, Biomanufacturing
Genetic engineering, Genome editing, Metabolic engineering

By using filamentous fungi such as koji mold, I am working on developing the technology of mass production of valuable compounds for industrial use as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, synthetic raw materials and so on via molecular breeding of strains and improvement of culture conditions. The main targets for production as valuable compounds are lipids such as free fatty acids, secondary metabolites, and enzymes.