Bioproduction Research Institute (BPRI) was established in AIST Hokkaido in 2010 as one of research institutes in National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

2001Research Institute of Biological Resources (predecessor institute) was established in connection with the re-organization of new AIST. The first director was Dr. Tatsuo Katsura. The institute consisted of 7 research groups.
The institute established a collaborative chair in Graduate School of Agriculture, Hokkaido University.

The institute was reorganized and named Research Institute for Biological Resources and Functions.
2003Dr. Hiroshi Kuriyama was appointed to the second director.
The institute established a collaborative chair in Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido University.
2004Reseach Institute of Genome-based Biofactory (RIGB) was established by the division of Research Institute for Biological Resources and Functions. BPRI consisted of 8 research groups at the initial phase. Dr. Fumio Mizutani was appointed to the third director.
2006Dr. Yoichi Kamagata was appointed to the fourth director. One group (Gene regulation research group) in the AIST Tsukuba center merged with the institute.
2007Three groups in the institute were merged to form two new groups.
2008Biology and Ecophysiology Research Team was inaugurated.
2010Teams of Synthetic Glycocojugate Research and Bio Photo Imaging Research were inaugurated.
Symbiotic Evolution and Biological Functions Research Group was inaugurated
2012Bioproduction Research Institute was established by the combining of research groups in Reseach Institute of Genome-based Biofactory, Institute for Biological Resources and Functions, and Research Institute for Cell Engineering.
2014Dr. Tomohiro Tamura is appointed to the fifth director.
2015Applied Molecular Microbioloty Research Group, new Synthetic Bioengneering Research Group, and Molecular Systems Bioengineering Research Team were inaugurated.
2016Molecular and Biological Technology Research Group and Bio-material Engineering Research Group are merged.
2018Functional Food Materials Research Team was inaugurated.
2019Dr. Kaoru Suzuki is appointed to the sixth director.