For Scientists

Aiming to solve social issues through bio-manufacturing

AIST is a “Specified National Research Institute” that aims to promote the creation, dissemination, and utilization of world-class research and development results, and conducts a variety of research aimed at solving social issues in collaboration with domestic and international research institutions and industry. The Bioprocess Research Division, as a unit responsible for research in the area of biotechnology, operates at two centers, the Hokkaido Center and the Tsukuba Center.

Graduate Student Recruitment

The division is actively engaged in joint research with companies and research and development with a view to practical application, with the aim of exploring the capabilities of living organisms and applying them to technologies that protect health, the environment, and industry. As a graduate student, why not try your hand at cutting-edge research that could lead to patents and commercialization?

Researchers in the Bioprocess Research Division accept graduate students in the master’s and doctoral courses as visiting faculty members of the affiliated graduate schools. You can study in the well-developed research environment of AIST Hokkaido Center and Tsukuba Center and obtain your degree.

If you are thinking of going on to higher education or would like to visit, please contact us by e-mail.
bpri-webmaster-ml[at] (common to Hokkaido Center and Tsukuba Center)
*Please change [at] to @.

Postdoctoral Fellowship and Research Staff Recruitment

Researchers from diverse backgrounds, including microbiology, molecular biology, engineering, and informatics, are affiliated with this division, conducting cross-disciplinary research from basic to practical applications. We welcome those who are interested in biomanufacturing and those who are motivated to deliver new technologies to society.

AIST conducts open recruitment for research staff twice a year.