MIE Yasuhiro


Research Task

Bio(molecular) engineering with renewable energy soruces
Redox enzyme analysis and application in drug discovery and bioelectrosynthesis
Efficient analytical technology for biofunctions and biomolecules
Research Keywords
Nanostructured Catalyst, Heme, NAD(P)H, Biofunctional ļ¼­olecule
Application Fields
Biofunctional Applications, Drug Discovery, Bioelectrosynthesis Food Function
Nanoengineering, Bioengineering, Electrochemistry

Biotechnologies can be applied to many fields in industry with environmental friendly way. To contribute the construction of upcoming SDGs society, we are focusing on “electrochemical energy” supplied from renewable energy sources to drive and control the biofunctions and biomolecules toward practical application such as valuable synthesis. Especially, controlling the surface structure of electrode catalyst has been studied. In addition, we are developing a technology to evaluate disease-related biomolecules in human and active/functional molecules in natural products by using the aforementioned catalysts.