Plant Molecular Technology Research Group

Bioproduction in plants

Our main mission is the bioproduction in plants, which includes the development of host plants and technologies needed for it.

Products include antibody, antigen (vaccine), proteins for pharmaceuticals, secondary metabolites (terpenoids, alkaloids, flavonoids), wood, lignin, cellulose, glucose and other sugars for construction, biofuels, pulp and bioplastic.

We employ tobacco plants for protein production, poplar, Eucalyptus, pines, grass species for commodity production, quinoa, vegetables, and Arabidopsis for secondary metabolites production and pure experiments.

 In terms of technologies, we focus on plant viruses, mass protein production, epigenetics, genome editing, transcriptional regulation, symbiotic microorganisms, plant cultivation techniques related to hydroponic culture, plant factory, and green house.

 We work with many stakeholders including companies, universities, and research institutes to contribute our sustainable development through technical realization.