Bioproduction in plant factory


Our research group is promoting research focused on the production of functional substances in plants. While this research has something in common with the “Development of Plant-made Pharmaceuticals Production System in Enclosed Plant Factory“, we are focusing on research for the efficient production of useful plant-derived substances as well. The main research facility is the Hokkaido Center D3 Building, which was established and operated by the NOASTEC as the Green Chemicals Research Center (GCC), and has been reorganized. The facility is equipped with laboratories and culture rooms for molecular biological and biochemical experiments, artificial environment cultivation rooms A through E, which are equipped with measures to prevent gene diffusion and allow highly precise settings of temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, and light environment, inactivation rooms for genetically modified plants, and laboratories for the extraction and purification of target components and functional analysis. The facility is also equipped with laboratories for the extraction, purification, and functional analysis of target components.